Suez, the Algerian national water company Algérienne Des Eaux (ADE) and the Algerian national sanitation authority Office National de l'Assainissement (ONA) have signed an extension of support contract to modernise water and sanitation services in the Greater Algiers area for a period of 3 years.


Image: Suez to extend sanitation services in Algeira. Photo: Courtesy fo Marcus Olsson/

The contract covers:

The performance of water and sanitation services in the Greater Algiers area;
Support for national operators in terms of technical expertise and the establishment of a National School of Water and Sanitation Management.

The Renewal Of The Management Contract For The Performance Of Water And Sanitation Services In The Greater Algiers Area

The Algerian authorities have reaffirmed their confidence in Suez for the management of the Société des Eaux et d’Assainissement d’Alger (SEAAL), a company established under Algerian law by a joint public-private partnership involving ADE, ONA and Suez. Since 2006, SUEZ has been supporting SEAAL efforts to modernise water and sanitation services in the Greater Algiers area. T

he initial objective was to provide the 3 million inhabitants of Algiers with access to drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to significantly improve the city’s sanitation service. The partnership was also based on a sharing of expertise between Suez and SEAAL teams.

This contract, renewed for 5 years in 2011 and for 2 years in 2016, has been extended to the Tipasa Wilaya, located west of Algiers, and to the Taksebt drinking water production plant, located east of Algiers, which provides a population of 5 million inhabitants with drinking water.

The new agreement, which came into effect on 1 September this year, aims to continue the progress made over the past 12 years in Algiers. It sets new objectives for improving network efficiency, plants performance and customer satisfaction, both in Algiers and Tipasa. It also aims to maintain the transfer of technical and managerial expertise to SEAAL.

In order to achieve the new objectives, Suez will deploy its Aquadvanced solutions on drinking water networks, sanitation networks and borehole fields. Thanks to the installation of sensors (flow, pressure, etc.) placed on networks and boreholes to provide modern decision support tools, these solutions will ensure dynamic management and real-time prioritisation of operations.

Support For National Operators In The Area Of Technical Expertise And The Establishment Of A National School Of Water And Sanitation Management

In 2006, Suez deployed its WIKTI2 methodology for transferring know-how to the water sector in Algiers and, in 2011, its OPT (Optimizing Personal Talents) solution to provide local managers with the managerial expertise required to manage a public water and sanitation service effectively and sustainably.

Since 2006, SUEZ experts have supported SEAAL staff in the field on a daily basis to enhance their operational practices (leak repair, etc.), improve their managerial practices and learn modern management tools (remote control centre, groundwater and network modelling, etc.). Since 2006, more than 170,000 days of training have been provided.

On the strength of this experience, Suez will support national drinking water (ADE) and sanitation (ONA) operators in:

Improving their technical performance by carrying out a diagnosis of the maturity of the professions, drawing up strategic action plans and setting up specific technical support;

The establishment of the National School of Water and Sanitation Management and the development of training plans leading to qualifications.

Source: Company Press Release