Weather forecast services provider StormGeo has partnered with solar power modelling and forecasting company Solcast.


Photo: Solar Panels. Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Berg/

The partnership will deliver the latest forecasting technology for managing increased solar penetration to StormGeo’s customers. With the new offering, StormGeo and Solcast will help Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Energy Traders predict solar power production at higher accuracy, thereby improving efficiency.

As the solar industry in the US moves toward reaching the goals of the SunShot Initiative, which aims to reduce the total costs of solar energy by 75% before the end of the decade, the EU’s goal is to be at a minimum of 27% renewable energy by 2030.

StormGeo renewables vice president Jostein Maelan said: “The solar industry is growing rapidly in terms of installed power, and production forecasting is an important element of energy balancing, especially in Europe and the US where the grid is connected to multiple power sources.

“StormGeo provides highly accurate short-term forecasts to help TSOs predict and balance supply and demand. Knowing where and when the sun will shine, with updated forecasts using real time satellite images, is very important for grid operators to manage startup and shutdown costs of alternative energy sources.”

The partnership between StormGeo and Solcast enables the end-users of solar farms to reduce uncertainties in photovoltaic (PV) generation caused by variations in solar intensity and cloud coverage affecting the output from the PV systems.

The StormGeo solution forecasts radiation and PV output at one-minute granularity and extends to a week ahead for any location on the planet.

Solcast CEO James Luffman said: “We are very excited about this partnership with StormGeo, to further enable organizations globally as they manage increasing intermittent solar output.

“Along with demand response and storage, forecasting is one of the most important solutions to the solar intermittency challenge. Our tools couple the capability of the new fleet of third generation geostationary satellites with PV data and modern modelling and data distribution techniques.”

Maelan said: “Solar Forecasting is a key element of our long-term vision, and aligns with StormGeo’s sustainability initiatives.

“By providing high-quality, short-term forecasts for solar power production, we are contributing to making the industry more efficient, more profitable and less dependent on subsidies. We are very proud of that.”

Source: Company Press Release