Greenbyte Energy Cloud’s data management will help Storm in optimising its wind farms across Belgium and Ireland


Image: Storm selects Greenbyte to provide data for 100MW wind portfolio. Photo: Courtesy of Greenbyte.

Belgian wind farm developer Storm has selected Greenbyte Energy Cloud to provide data management for its 100MW of operational wind farms in Belgium and Ireland. The solution provided by Greenbyte Energy Cloud will enable Storm to monitor and manage wind farms and analyze their performance for future optimisation.

Greenbyte Energy Cloud was chosen to offer real-time data analytics for Storm management’s 40 operating turbines, based on secure independent connection through SCADA data.

Storm will use the data to monitor all of its assets in a single view, regardless of location or different OEMs. Data will be stored in Greenbyte Energy Cloud and can be analyzed as per the management’s needs for in-depth performance analysis.

Storm Management associate director Filip Leonard said: “We chose Greenbyte Energy Cloud as we see it as a powerful and wholesome tool that will provide us with the visibility and data that we need to manage our portfolio effectively.

“The system’s user-friendly interface and pre-configured tools made all the difference in our selection process.”

Storm has more than 400MW of wind farms in pipeline

With more than 400MW of wind farms in pipeline, both in procedure and under construction, Storm claims to be a fast-growing organisation.

Greenbyte Energy Cloud sales EMEEA director Patrik Lindvall said: “Storm Management is a cherished partner for Greenbyte. We are looking forward to accompany Storm Management in their journey of growth and we are thrilled to enable over 55.000 homes to be powered by renewable energy.”

In February, Storm completed the installation of turbines at its Melsele wind farm, with 3 turbines, each with 2MW of power generating capacity. The wind farm generates about 17.5GWh of clean electricity enough to power about 5,100 Belgian homes.

Each of the wind turbines in the Melsele wind farm have a tower height of 100m, with tip height reaching 150m and have a rotor diameter of 100m.