Norwegian state-owned hydropower company Statkraft has commissioned the 183MW Moglice hydropower plant in Albania.

Located on the Devoll river in the south-eastern part of Albania, the Moglice hydropower plant features a 167m high asphalt-core rock-filled dam, a 10.7km long headrace tunnel, an underground powerhouse with two main generators of 91.5MW each and a 1MW eco-flow unit at the foot of the dam.

Moglice hydropower plant has capacity of 450 GWh per year

Capable of generating approximately 450 GWh per year, the Moglice project is part of the Devoll Hydropower Project which involves the development, planning, construction and operation of both Banja and Moglicë.

The Devoll Hydropower Project will have a total installed capacity of approximately 256MW and production of approximately 700 GWh annual.

Statkraft CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen said: “Finalising the Moglice hydropower plant marks an important milestone for Statkraft’s activities in Albania. The country is developing to be the electricity hub of the region, opening up to further opportunities.”

The Moglice hydropower plant, which will receive water through a tunnel from the Moglice reservoir, is expected to increase renewable power production in Albania.

Devoll Hydropower (DHP), an Albania-based company, owned and operated by Statkraft, commenced construction on the Moglice hydropower plant in 2015.

Last year, Statkraft announced its decision to build the 52MW Los Lagos hydropower plant in Chile.

Scheduled for completion in the second half of 2022, the power plant will have an annual generation of 260GWh.

The Los Lagos hydropower plant will be located on the Pilmaiquen River, downstream of Rucatayo hydropower plant, which is operated by Statkraft. The plant will be located close to the city of Osorno, about 900km south of the capital Santiago.