Siemens has signed an extension of a multi-year maintenance service agreement with Shuweihat S2 Operation and Maintenance Company (S2O&M).

Siemens to maintain and digitalize Shuweihat S2 power plant in Abu Dhabi

Image: Siemens has signed a multi-year maintenance service agreement with S2O&M. Photo: Courtesy of Siemens.

Under terms of the contract, Siemens is expected to support the 1,500MW combined-cycle power and water plant, Shuweihat S2 Independent Water and Power Plant (IWPP), in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The new signing features 18-year extension of the maintenance service agreement and Siemens is also expected to deploy products from its Omnivise digital services portfolio including cybersecurity solutions to help improve asset visibility, reliability and availability.

S2O&M plant general manager Ramesh Kakade said: “With UAE’s increasing demand for energy, we are embracing new and innovative ways to improve the reliability and performance of our power assets. Our agreement with Siemens incorporates the latest digital technology, ensuring more reliable and flexible power generation at Shuweihat S2 power and water plant.”

For the project, Siemens will deploy its Flexible Long-Term Program (FlexLTP), which provides a high degree of asset availability by extending intervals between inspections.

The program comprises an integrated suite of advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics services. The service provides a visualization of plant asset data and key performance indicators (KPIs) for early detection of potential issues.

Siemens Power Generation Services Middle East and North Africa senior executive vice president Gianluigi Di Giovanni said: “Digital solutions have become a strong contributor for sustainable growth in the power sector.

“I am pleased that our continued relationship, combined with Siemens services capabilities and digital solutions, will support the long-term maintenance and performance for Shuweihat S2 power plant, ensuring more reliable and flexible power generation for the UAE.”

To avoid receiving hundreds of false alarms, caused by different factors that interrupt operations, Siemens’ I&C Monitors and Advisors are employed to identify the root cause of false alarms and help eliminate them using cloud analytics.

Apart from digitalizing the power services, the agreement also covers the supply of spare parts, on-site inspection and major inspections on the plant‘s Siemens SGT5-4000F gas turbines, SST5-6000IP steam turbines alongside the associated generators and electrical equipment.