Sellafield, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, has awarded four 20-year contracts to help decommission the UK’s most complex nuclear site.

Wide shot of Sellafield - landscape

Image: The Sellafield site in the UK. Photo: courtesy of John Wood Group PLC.

The contracts have been awarded to Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) as integration partner; Wood as design and engineering partner; Morgan Sindall Infrastructure as civils construction management partner; and Doosan Babcock as process construction management partner.

The firms has have been selected as part of the new Programme and Project Partners (PPP) procurement model, which intends to revolutionize project delivery at Sellafield.

Under the $1bn contract, Wood will be responsible for providing the front end design and engineering capability and services to deliver a portfolio of major projects and site wide project delivery improvements.

Wood will work with the other lot partners for integration, civils construction and process construction in order to optimize design, constructability, and overall project delivery.

Wood’s Specialist Technical Solutions business Bob MacDonald CEO said: “We already have a deep, shared history with Sellafield and this new appointment provides a platform for us to assist with safe and secure operation and clean-up over the next two decades.”

The Sellafield nuclear site is currently under a 100-year environmental remediation program, which aims to accelerate decommissioning of old facilities and moving the waste into safe containment for centuries to come.

Sellafield CEO Paul Foster said: “The award of the PPP contracts marks the start of a new, and very different, journey for Sellafield Ltd and our supply chain partners.

“Our number one priority is making Sellafield safer, sooner, and a key part of this is establishing closer relationships with other expert organisations.

“Working side by side with our 4 long-term partners, as one team, will help transform the way we deliver projects safely, quickly, and cost effectively.

“The new approach also provides huge opportunities for our communities, through 20 years of sustainable employment in the design and construction supply chain, enhancing the skills of the workforce, while helping realise the economic ambitions of our community, to achieve its unlimited potential.”

Sellafield is the site license company which is responsible for daily operations to decommission the nuclear site.