Scale Microgrid Solutions today launched its Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2) platform aimed at helping communities and businesses in California mitigate the impact of power grid disruptions such as the Public Safety Power Shutoffs planned by utilities during the upcoming wildfire season.


Image: A power transmission line. Photo: courtesy of John Smith/

The R2M2 platform is a modular and scalable microgrid designed to deliver resilience and sustainable, affordable power to municipalities, public safety, commercial and industrial facilities that are at high risk of power loss.

“California’s electric grid is responsible for igniting several of the catastrophic wildfires that have devastated the state over the last several years,” said Ryan Goodman, Scale Microgrid Solutions’ CEO. “There are a variety of measures grid operators are considering to reduce risk and avoid reoccurrence, including the need for utilities to de-energize the grid on a fairly regular basis for the foreseeable future. De-energization, while necessary, unfortunately causes significant life safety and economic consequences. Our R2M2 system is designed to mitigate these risks.”

The national cost of sustained power outages is estimated to be $59 billion annually, according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, with 70 percent of the costs borne by commercial customers and 28 percent by industrial customers. The R2M2 platform, developed leveraging Schneider Electric technology, addresses the specific business continuity needs of these ratepayers by providing critical backup power to eliminate lost revenue caused by grid outages.

The system utilizes a combination of distributed generation technologies housed behind the customer’s utility meter to satisfy a portion of the customer’s electricity demand during normal operating conditions. In the event of a grid disruption or shutoff, the system converts to “island-mode” enabling facilities to continue operations. Reliable backup power is especially important to California’s communities and businesses that could see Public Safety Power Shutoffs last up to five days at a time during wildfire season.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to fund this innovative offering from Scale Microgrid Solutions—it is the right product at the right time that is solving a vital business need, especially for the California market,” said Jigar Shah, President, Generate Capital.

Goodman said the R2M2 platform has been fully engineered and piloted, allowing it to be deployed in just nine months instead of the two to three years for the average microgrid deployment cycle. Additionally, he said, “the Scale team has worked with Generate Capital to develop attractive Energy-as-a-Service financing options that will alleviate the capital burden for end-use customers.”

The R2M2 is available now for customers nationwide. “Not only can the R2M2 platform help California’s businesses mitigate the impact of power shutoffs during wildfire season, but the platform also can help any business that is at risk from power outages due to hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms, and other extreme events,” Goodman said.

The launch of the R2M2 builds on Scale Microgrid Solutions’ innovative microgrid offering to commercial and industrial companies, such as Bowery Farming.

Source: Company Press Release