French battery manufacturing company Saft has opened a new manufacturing hub for energy storage solutions (ESS) in Zhuhai, China.

The 6,600m2 new plant will have a capacity to manufacture around 200 containers per year, which is equivalent to 480MWh.

The new plant in China will allow the company to help customers across the globe with an integrated approach to energy storage.

In addition, it is expected to enhance the company’s capacity to serve the global ESS market and support the transition to renewable energy.

Saft ESS Mobility division executive vice president Hervé Amossé said: “Investment in our Zhuhai production line shows how we have grown from being a supplier of batteries to providing complete energy solutions. Customers are turning to us for fully-integrated energy storage and microgrid technology solutions.”

Saft to strengthen its Zhuhai footprint with new hub

The new hub is expected to strengthen the company’s footprint in Zhuhai as one of three strategic manufacturing hubs. The other two hubs are at Bordeaux, France and Jacksonville, US.

The plant at Zhuhai is already producing Intensium Max 20 High Energy containers.

The containers were launched in 2019 to offer a offer an enhanced solution for energy density, energy efficiency, lifetime and performance with 1.2MW of power and 2.5MWh of energy storage.

Saft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total, a major international oil and gas company and a major player in renewables and electricity.

In June last year, Saft acquired Go Electric, a US-based developer of distributed energy resiliency solutions for microgrids and commercial & industrial customers.