Submission of a Draft License Application for the White Pine Pumped Storage Project Submitted to State and Federal Agencies


rPlus Hydro on Track to Develop White Pine Pumped Storage Project. (Credit: ringelbaer from Pixabay)

rPlus Hydro LLLP announced the submission of a Draft License Application for its White Pine Pumped Storage Project, located near Ely, Nevada. This submission is a major milestone in rPlus Hydro’s work to bring pumped storage to Nevada and to enable the reliable storage of a wide variety of renewable energy sources. The White Pine Pumped Storage Project, which will be Nevada’s first closed loop pumped hydro storage project, will facilitate up to 1,000 MW of flexible, long-duration, generating capacity.

As proposed, the large infrastructure project represents more than a $2B investment in Nevada’s clean energy infrastructure. The multi-year construction phase will create up to 500 construction jobs. Once operational, the plant will bring more than 35 new full-time, skilled positions to the area, and provide an estimated $10 million in additional annual tax revenue for state and local governments.
rPlus Hydro’s submission of its Draft License Application to Nevada and Federal agencies represents the culmination of several years of project development including engineering and planning, environmental assessment, and community engagement.

“rPlus Hydro is excited to advance the development of the White Pine Pumped Storage Project to provide Nevada and the greater region a source of reliable, long-duration energy storage and generation that is sustainable and environmentally responsible,” said Luigi Resta, President of rPlus Hydro. “We look forward to continuing to work with the community through project construction and operation. The Project will greatly benefit the local economy and strengthen the region’s energy infrastructure.”

The Draft License Application includes an overview of the proposed project configuration, baseline studies and data, estimated costs, proposed construction schedules, preliminary environmental analysis, as well as proposed engineering schematics and project maps. Submission starts a 90-day agency review process that will refine this proposal in preparation for the submission of the Final License Application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Final License Application will include additional baseline data collection, impact analyses, and opportunities for public input.

“We look forward to a robust period of engagement with federal, state, and tribal governments and the public as we move forward in this process” said Greg Copeland, Program Manager for the White Pine Pumped Storage Project. “Submittal of this Draft License Application marks the beginning of that process, and we are confident that it will ultimately result in the best outcomes for this Project and for clean electric generation in Nevada and the surrounding western U.S. region.”

The White Pine Pumped Storage Project is vital to the reliability and dependability of Nevada’s electrical grid as it moves towards greater reliance on renewable energy sources like solar and wind and in helping to create a more sustainable energy future for everyone.

“Pumped storage hydro has been relied upon for decades as an economical tool for energy storage and grid reliability,” said Matthew Shapiro, CEO of rPlus Hydro. “As states like Nevada transition from fossil-based generation toward greater reliance on solar and other renewable resources, the best new pumped storage projects like White Pine will play a key supporting role long into the future.”

Pumped storage is currently the largest form of energy storage technology on the grid today, accounting for about 95 percent of America’s installed energy storage capacity. Pumped storage projects generate and store clean energy by moving water between different water reservoirs at different elevations.

Source: Company Press Release