Risen Energy has entered into a collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), whereby the two will engage in R&D and information sharing on photovoltaics.


Image: Risen Energy partners with MIT. Photo: Courtesy of Joykid/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Established in 1948, the MIT ILP is dedicated to creating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between MIT and corporations worldwide. ILP, the largest program of its kind worldwide, is a division established by MIT specifically to communicate and collaborate with the outside world. It is also a key portal and guide through which global companies can reach out to communicate with MIT. Nearly 100 industry leaders including Apple, 3M and Samsung have joined the program.

According to the agreement, ILP will monitor and analyze cutting-edge technologies and innovative applications across the global PV power sector, and provide technically innovative solutions in line with Risen Energy’s own business development and technology planning needs. In addition, ILP will introduce professors and researchers in related fields to Risen Energy and assist the company in cooperating with professors at MIT.

Risen Energy said: “The market demand for high-efficiency, high-quality products is increasing. Through the cooperation, Risen Energy expects to achieve breakthroughs in product R&D and technology development by leveraging the superior resources of MIT and ILP. We believe that the successful cooperation between us will allow Risen Energy to assume a leadership role in the global PV industry.”

In order to further promote grid parity, Risen Energy has accelerated the development and large-scale application of innovative technologies in recent years. With a focus on boosting the performance and reliability of its products while lowering costs, the company has undertaken significant efforts to improve the efficiency and optimize the structure of its battery modules, enhance product quality and eliminate outdated capacity.

In terms of the core strategy concerning its half-cut cell product line, Risen Energy plans to develop conventional, double-glass, bifacial and smart half-cut cell modules in phases according to market demand. Looking ahead, the company will continue its focus on development in the renewable energy and new material fields, and building a business portfolio encompassing battery modules, energy storage and new materials.

Source: Company Press Release