Prysmian Group has secured a contract for supply of a new cable system to upgrade the Cyclades power grids in Greece.


mage: Prysmian to supply and install cables to upgrade the Cyclades power grids. Photo: Courtesy of Prysmian Group.

The €21m contract has been awarded by Independent Power Transmission Operator (ITPO) for two interconnections between the Cyclades islands that include Evia, Andros and Tinos.

Under the contract, Prysmian will design, supply and install two turnkey high voltage alternating current (HVAC) cable systems, which are designed to transmit a power of 200 MVA, for the interconnection project.

The contract work will also include 150 kV three core cables with XLPE insulation and double wire armouring and associated fibre optic cable system along a total route of over 18 km for the interconnection between the four landfalls.

Prysmian said: “The submarine cable system will increase and ensure robust, reliable and sustainable power transmission system between the Cyclades islands.”

For the link between the islands Evia and Andros, the maximum water depth is expected to be in the range of 550 meters.

Prysmian will manufacture the submarine cables for the link at its Arco Felice plant, while land cables will be produced in Pignataro.

The company’s Giulio Verne cable-laying vessel will be used for marine cable laying activities.

Prysmian will carry out the production of submarine and land cables during 2018-2019, with delivery and commissioning taking place in the third quarter of 2019.

The firm said: “This new project confirms Prysmian’s role and commitment in developing the Mediterranean region’s power grids and particularly in ‘deep water’ cable installation. It also proves the validity of Prysmian’s know-how and HVAC technologies.”

In 2014, Prysmian secured a contract from the transmission system operator of the Greek electricity system for the submarine interconnection between the island of Syros (Cyclades) and the mainland power transmission System in Lavrion.

Recently, the company has secured orders worth €220m to supply and install submarine inter-array cable systems for three French offshore wind farms.