ProCon Wind Energy enters into a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement with CPower Energy.

To overcome any potential challenges and exploit opportunities in relation to Brexit, which officially is happening today, ProCon Wind Energy is happy to announce that we have partnered-up with UK based CPower Energy.

The joint venture will enable the two companies to run an open book partnership where competences, know-how and experiences can be shared without secrecy to ensure that we can keep providing our customers and partners, both inside and outside the UK wind market, with flexible and quality electrical solutions as well as technical

The CEO of ProCon, Claus Søgaard Poulsen, elaborates on the benefits of the agreement:

“In addition to functioning as a means to deal with Brexit, the joint venture partnership will also contribute to the strengthening of the two companies’ market positions, market reach, competitive pricing and recruitment of manpower. This is essential on the global wind market as more and more competitors emerge and because the wind industry is categorized by e.g. requirements concerning being present at several regions of the world, bringing cost down and providing specialist staff”.

With this new partnership and an already registered company in the UK, ProCon Wind Energy can and will live up to current contracts and agreements in the UK but also meet the expected challenge regarding import of equipment and materials by getting CPower to introduce alternative solutions and suppliers.

Although both parties have a registered company in the UK, no shared company has been established – leaving room for development of the partnership. This means that costs, fees and profits will be based on contribution, investment and responsibility from case to case.

Peter Jorgensen, CEO of CPower Energy, explains:

“We are delighted to have entered into a cooperation with ProCon Wind Energy, which we can develop further for mutual benefit inside and outside the UK. It provides us with great opportunity to work together both tender- and project-wise while also building up a relationship for turbine technicians”.

Finally, as a passing remark, it must be emphasized that the partnership is not exclusive as both companies are in contact with a large number of other companies and are allowed to enter into other partnerships and agreements.