China Oil & Gas Piping Network (PipeChina) has reportedly commenced operations on the 1,110km middle portion of the China-Russia East natural gas pipeline.

The commissioning allows natural gas from the Power of Siberia system in Russia to be delivered to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in northern China.

Reuters reported PipeChina as saying in a statement that the pipeline with 27 million cubic metres gas supply per day capacity will promote economic development alongside the rust-belt areas as well as improve air quality in the region.

The portion of the China-Russia East pipeline project that commenced operations starts at Changling city in Jilin and ends at Yongqing city in Hebei.

Additionally, the project links the gas pipelines located in northeastern and northern China, and the gas storage projects in Dalian, Tangshan and Liaohe.

The northern part of the China-Russia East pipeline started operations in last year. It has supplied nearly four billion cubic metres (bcm) natural gas, the news agency reported, citing PipeChina.

Southern portion of China-Russia East pipeline commissioned in 2019

Construction on the southern portion of the China-Russia East pipeline started in July this year, to extend the route to Shanghai in eastern China.

The pipeline comprises a 3,000km-long segment called the Power of Siberia in Russia and a 5,111km-long section in China.

The main gas suppliers to the pipeline are the Chayandinskoye gas field in Sakha Republic in East Siberia and Kovyktinskoye gas field in Irkutsk Oblast.

Upon completion by 2025, the pipeline will have the capacity to transport 38bcm per annum of Russian gas, reported Reuters.