Polish oil and gas producer PGNiG has commenced drilling on a third production well at the Rizq tight gas field in southern Pakistan.

Exalo Drilling, a PGNiG Group company, has started drilling the third well, Rizq-3, to a target depth of 3,277m.

Located in the Rizq licence area, the Rizq-1 well was brought on stream in November 2016 following which another well, Rizq-2, was drilled in 2017.

Rizq field currently produces 417 thousand cubic metres of gas

The Rizq field currently produces 417 thousand cubic metres of gas (approximately 290 m3 per minute) per day.

PGNiG management board president Piotr Woźniak said: “We are proceeding with the work in Pakistan as planned. The outlook for growth in demand for gas in this country is bright, which is an incentive to develop the exploration and production business.

“By the end of the year we will start drilling more boreholes and new wells will come online.”

Apart from Rizq, PGNiG produces natural gas from Rehman field is located on the border of the Sindh and Baluchistan provinces, in the southern part of Pakistan. The Rehman field produces from five production wells while the Rizq field has two production wells.

Gas produced from the two fields is delivered to the PGNiG’s production facility located in the Rehman licence area.

PGNiG is the operator of the two fields with 70% stake while Pakistan Petroleum (PPL) owns the remaining 30% interest.

Last year, PGNiG’s share of output from the two fields totalled 230 mcm of natural gas (200 mcm measured as high-methane gas equivalent).

In May 2019, PGNiG said it has started drilling the Rehman-6 production well in the Rehman field with an aim to develop gas reserves located in the westernmost part of the field.

Commenting on the work, Woźniak said: “This year, we plan to start drilling work on four new wells and put three new wells into production, including Rehman-6.”