This project encompasses the construction of three greenfield waste water treatment facilities with capacities of 42 MLD, 16 MLD and 14 MLD, and a 15-year Digital Operations and Maintenance contract.

Communities around the world are becoming increasingly more conscious of the need for sanitary wastewater treatment and India is no exception. Organica Water and the Indian government continue to work together to create a greater awareness to the benefits of decentrialized wastewater treatment in urban locations.

Organica Water has seen an increase in activity over the last 18 months in India, including commissioning of Organica Water’s 31 MLD facility near Kolkata, in Bhatpara, followed by the win of would first NMCG tender.  Prayagraj (Allahabad) was the fifth NMCG tender to be awarded in the country.  This NMCG bid allows Organica Water to use all the advantages of its Food Chain Reactor (FCR) solution, a facility with a small footprint that architecturally blends into the natural environment with no-odor and very low operational expenses. Over the next 15 years, Organica’s expert team will leverage its digital tools to operate the facilities, ensuring high-quality effluent water and continuous optimization of the cost to treat the water.

This win validates Organica Water’s patience and persistence, as we have remained in the India market for an extended period while we waited for more well-structured tenders like NMCG to launch.  India has the potential to be the largest wastewater market in the world, with a population well over a billion people and wastewater coverage of less than 10% of the entire population. Organica Water is committed to help the government increase wastewater coverage and decrease unsanitary conditions with the implementation of its innovative and localized treatment solutions. We are excited to provide continued support to India and their ambitious water goals for years to come!

Source: Company Press Release