NuScale Power and Polish mining company KGHM Polska Miedź have signed an agreement to initiate the deployment of the former’s small modular reactor (SMR) technology in Poland.

Under the agreement, NuScale and KGHM will take measures towards setting up the first NuScale VOYGR power plant in Poland as early as 2029.

The VOYGR power plant is expected to help Poland offset up to eight million tons of CO2 emissions per annum. Its deployment is said to be linked directly to the climate policy of KGHM.

NuScale Power’s SMR has design approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NuScale Power president and CEO John Hopkins said: “In the global race to rapidly decrease emissions worldwide, NuScale’s technology presents the perfect solution to reach this goal while simultaneously bringing economic prosperity to host countries.

“NuScale is proud to partner with KGHM, an experienced innovation leader, and we are excited to work together to bring forth the next era of advanced clean energy deployment and confront the climate crisis.”

According to NuScale Power, the first work under the agreement is for identifying and assessing possible project sites as well as developing project planning milestones and cost estimates.

KGHM is said to be evaluating VOYGR plants as a coal repurposing solution for existing power plants. Besides, the Polish miner is assessing opportunities to deploy VOYGR plants for powering up its operations with carbon-free electricity and to support other industrial energy users in Poland.

KGHM management board president Marcin Chludziński said: “KGHM is proud to lead the initiation of a 100% carbon free energy project, delivering on its commitment to lead efforts to decarbonize. The SMR technology will increase the company’s cost efficiency and transform the Polish energy sector.”

NuScale Power and KGHM started their collaboration last September following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together in developing, licensing, and constructing a VOYGR plant in Poland.

The VOYGR power plant is designed to accommodate configurations of four, six, and 12 modules that can produce up to 924MW of power per day. It can create up to 270 permanent jobs for its operations and 1,200 for its construction.

In December 2021, NuScale Power agreed to merge with blank cheque company Spring Valley Acquisition in a deal worth $1.9bn in a move to go public.