NRG Energy has launched Renewable Select, which has simplified the renewables procurement process and making it easier for businesses to choose renewable energy.


Image: NRG Energy launches Renewable Select. Photo: Courtesy of graur codrin/

The plan transforms the lengthy and complex traditional energy procurement process into a cost competitive, easy to execute transaction.

Today’s customers demand renewable energy at grid parity to meet their fiscal requirements while achieving their sustainability goals. Renewable Select uniquely delivers to customers:

A standard contract with straightforward terms, no need to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA)

Renewable energy procured in the amount desired, no large commitments required

A simplified corporate approval process, no lengthy 20-year contracts

A single, consolidated bill, no juggling multiple bills by electricity source

The ability to point to the physical location where your renewable electricity is produced and even the opportunity to receive naming rights

Renewable Select is the future of clean energy – built and tailored for business. The plan breaks down and removes the barriers that typically impede the procurement of wind and solar energy, such as untenable contract sizes or lengths, difficult building logistics or complex financial transactions.

Source: Company Press Release