The amendment expands an existing supply relationship between Nordion and TXNTC that began in 2016, resulting in several shipments of Cobalt-60 to date, and will now allow for an increased amount of Cobalt-60 to be supplied in the future. The agreement also contains provisions for the extension of the term.

“The combination of Tong Xing’s high quality production capacity with Nordion’s best in class regulatory and logistics expertise are critical to provide global customers access to previously landlocked Cobalt-60 from China,” said Kevin Brooks, President of Nordion. “As our customers’ demand for Cobalt-60 grows, we continue to expand our supply network and are committed to ensuring that the available supply grows along with it.”

Cobalt-60 is used to sterilize single-use medical devices, to reduce pathogens in food and other products, and to treat certain cancers. As the world’s leading supplier of Cobalt-60, Nordion maintains the most geographically and technologically diverse supply network and plans to further diversify production in the future.

Source: Company Press Release