The agreement was signed by Zorlu Enerji President Murat Sungar Bursa and HESCO Chief Executive Officer Karim Buksh Qureshi.

The signing of agreement between Zorlu Enerji and HESCO has taken Pakistan further closer towards exploitation of its wind energy resource for meeting its growing energy demand.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has awarded tariff of scents 12.1057 per KWh, which is cheaper than the electricity generated from thermal sources.

The wind farm would be displacing 10,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year and consists of 5, 1.2 MW capacity towers in the first phase.

Minister Water & Power and Chairman Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, congratulated the Murat Sungar Bursa, Zorlu Enerji, president, for undertaking the project that supports the government’s derive towards greater exploitation of renewable energy resources.

Pakistani president would inaugurate the project in the first week of February 2009.

This project shows the Pakistan government’s persistence at tapping indigenous Renewable Energy sources as a strategy to meet growing energy needs Pervaiz Ashraf said.

We need a relentless effort to harness our own energy resources and not be forever held hostage by volatile international oil prices, Pervaiz Ashraf added.

We have brotherly relations with Pakistan and Government has sent us here with a special message to do utmost in increasing trade and commerce. Additionally, we look forward cooperating with Pakistan in defence, agriculture and women empowerment for producing tangible results, said the Turkish Ambassador, Engin Soysal.

AEDB Chief Executive Officer Arif Alauddin, said that the realization of wind farm represents an important milestone in the country’s strategy to in contribution of Renewable Energy sources.

Alauddin continued that more of such good news particularly in the sector of waste to energy and hydro sector were in the pipeline.

The project, which would be gradually expanded to a 50 MW wind farm, is currently using gearless vensys 62 with 1.2 MW technology.

Murat Sungar Bursa said that the incentives offered by Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Policy were a major factor in the company’s decision to invest here.

Murat Sungar Bursa further continued that the capacity of the wind farm shall be enhanced to 300 MW upon successful completion of 50 MW phase.

AEDB facilitated the wind farm by assisting Zorlu Enerji in leasing the land from Sindh government; development of feasibility study; tariff determination and acquisition of generation license; verification of power production numbers; and drafting, reviewing and finalization of project documents including EPA, implementation agreement (IA), and measuring protocols.