ZBB Energy has received a purchase order and executed a letter of intent with Sunflower Wind to sell multiple units of its ZESS POWR PECC (Power & Energy Control Center) integrated with its ZESS 50 Zinc Bromide advanced energy storage.

ZBB’s technology will allow Sunflower to integrate multiple power inputs with their 100kW (Model SW100B) wind turbine to provide backup power and load balancing in a variety of diverse applications.

The ZESS POWR PECC is a hybrid power system that converts any combination of wind, solar, hydro or other generating sources to independently optimize the control of each generating source while providing a ‘steady-state’ power output to electrical loads or directly to the grid.

The ZESS 50 technology is a Zinc-Bromide flow battery designed to serve as an advanced electrical energy storage device, and is constructed from environmentally-friendly materials that provide for a long service life and advanced performance when compared with traditional chemical batteries.