Xylem has installed an intelligent wastewater pumping system in the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, DC owned by the city’s water body, DC Water.

Dubbed as Flygt Concertor, the wastewater pumping system which features integrated intelligence is the first of its kind in the world according to the New York-based water technology company, Xylem.

According to Xylem president and CEO Patrick Decker, there is a daunting investment gap faced by the water and wastewater infrastructure in the US, which puts the critical systems at risk and leaving communities vulnerable to the consequences caused by the system failures.

To address such challenges, Decker said that Xylem has partnered with DC Water to leverage technology to create new sustainable solutions.

In this regard, the two companies have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on advancing smart water infrastructure and advanced data analytics.

Developed by Xylem in close collaboration with customers, the Flygt Concertor wastewater technology features an intelligent, connected solution that considerably advances the sustainability of the wastewater sector.

Decker added: “Our Flygt Concertor is a great example of the type of break-through technology that we believe will fundamentally alter the way water and wastewater is managed. Working together, we will be able to bring those solutions to fruition even faster."

The Flygt Concertor was launched by Xylem in October 2016 during the company’s inauguration of a new pump manufacturing facility in Dubai, UAE.