Xtreme Power has signed an agreement with the Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) to deploy a 3MW Dynamic Power Resource (DPR) power management solution on its Pillar Mountain wind project in Alaska, US.

The Pillar Mountain wind project was completed in 2009 and it currently supplies 10% of the power in KEA’s generation portfolio.

KEA intended to expand Pillar Mountain wind project to a total capacity of 9MW to take advantage of lower-cost alternative to diesel power generation.

Xtreme’s DPR power management and energy storage solution will leverage its real-time control system to automatically respond to grid disturbances by absorbing or releasing real and reactive power instantly and accurately.

The solution will enable KEA to increase the wind energy generated at Pillar Mountain without sacrificing grid stability, Xtreme Power said.

The DPR installation on the Pillar Mountain wind farm will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Xtreme Power provides scalable, real-time power management and energy storage solutions, while Kodiak Electric is a rural electric cooperative which generates and distributes electrical power in Kodiak, Alaska, US.