wpd has secured contracts for three wind farms with a total capacity of 350MW in the auction conducted by Chile for renewable energy projects.

In the process, wpd has won power purchase agreements for 786.8 GWh per year with a term of 20 years from 2021.

wpd CEO Hartmut Brösamle said: "wpd will continue to develop the projects totalling 350 MW at full speed – so we have ambitious plans!"

The three wind energy projects comprise Malleco in the IXth region (Araucanía) as well as Negrete and Duqueco in the VIIIth region (Bío-Bío).

All the projects to be developed by wpd will be located in the south of the country, with Malleco as the largest having nearly 260 MW capacity.

Currently, wpd own office in the capital of Santiago de Chile after entering the country seven years ago.

With head office in Bremen, the company operates in 18 countries and has realised wind energy projects with around 1,900 turbines and an output of 3,600 MW.

The National Energy Commission of Chile has awarded contracts to several companies to supply a total of 12,430 GWh/year of renewable energy.

The contracts were awarded following a tender round launched by the Commission in May 2015.

While a total of 84 companies have competed for 20-year power purchase contracts, 28 of them turned out to be successful.  

The tender has resulted in an average price of $47.6 per MWh for the power supply.

According to the Chile’s energy commission, wind projects received about 40% of the total contracts while solar secured between 10% and 12%.