The worldwide wind power market added a record 51.5GW of new capacity in 2014, according to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Wind turbine

The new additions represented 44% year-on-year growth and brought wind’s cumulative installations to 369.55GW at the end of 2014.

The majority of the development came from China, where 23.35GW of new wind power was installed.

Europe added 12.8GW of new capacity, with Germany contributing 5.2GW, followed by the UK with 1.7GW.

The US added 4.85GW of new capacity while Canada and Mexico had 1.87GW and 522MW of new wind installations in 2014.

In Latin America, 3.74GW was added, of which Brazil contributed 2.47GW followed by Chile and Uruguay with 506MW and 405MW installations.

African wind power capacity reached 934MW with the commissioning of the 300MW Tarfaya plant in Morocco, and 560MW of contribution from South Africa.

GWEC secretary general Steve Sawyer said "Wind power is the most competitive way of adding new power generation capacity to the grid in a rapidly increasing number of markets around the world, even when competing against heavily subsidized incumbents.

"Wind is a rapidly maturing technology, with proven reliability and competitiveness. Not only the low prices but also the cost-stability of wind power makes it a very attractive option for utilities, independent power producers and companies who are looking for a hedge against the wildly fluctuating prices of fossil fuels."

Image: The worldwide wind power market added a record 51.5GW of new capacity in 2014. Photo: Courtesy of pakorn/