Solar Dynamic Energy (SDE) will work with La Esco del Sole, a solar marketing and installation company with 25 years of experience. The four projects in Italy are 250KW pilot site in Lecce, 1MW installation in Palermo, 1MW installation in Rome and 1MW installation in Foggia.

The letter of intent (LoI) is subject only to contractual negotiations. WorldWater & Solar will engage SDE as its solar marketer in Italy. All projects are scheduled to begin construction in the second quarter of 2008.

Quentin Kelly, chairman and CEO of WorldWater & Solar, said: This new project is part of WorldWater’s aggressive push for a large market share in the rapidly expanding solar business in Europe – Spain, Italy and beyond. We intend to take full advantage of our Entech competitive pricing advantages and efficiencies throughout the Mediterranean countries, where the sunny climates are particularly responsive to our 20x concentrator technology.