Australia-based oil and gas producer and liquefied natural gas supplier Woodside has selected the management tool of Scotland’s Asset Guardian Solutions (AGSL) to protect its critical software assets.

As per the three-year contract, AGSL will provide its Programmable Systems Management (PSM) tool to enhance the security of its critical software assets and improve its management.

Woodside uses the software assets to operate its Karratha Gas Plant, Pluto onshore and offshore facilities, and six other facilities.

The company is currently using different applications to manage these programmable systems.

ASGL will replace all the applications with a single system to hold the information and enable Woodside to quickly recover the programmable systems in case of technical glitches, thereby minimizing affect on production.

The company will provide a safe and secure storage of the software and also maintain a register regarding the information about each programmable system.

It will also manage the process for making changes to the system code as per the industry’s standards, requirements, guidelines and regulations.

Asset Guardian Solutions chief executive Sam Mackay said, "At a time when businesses are employing more and more sophisticated processes that are increasingly reliant on software, Asset Guardian provides a truly unique solution; one that will help Woodside overcome the challenges of managing this software."