Whiting Petroleum, an oil and gas company, has completed two new producers at its Lewis & Clark Prospect in Stark, Billings and Golden Valley Counties, North Dakota.

During a 24-hour test of the Three Forks formation at a vertical depth of approximately 10,500ft on 18 September 2010, the Froehlich 44-9TFH flowed at a daily rate of 1,832 barrels of oil and 1,546mcf of gas, or 2,090 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day.

The initial 24-hour production rate was gauged on a 42/64-inch choke with a flowing casing pressure of 824 pounds per square inch (psi).

The Froehlich well was fracture stimulated in a total of 28 stages, all using the ‘plug and perf’ method.

The company holds a 90% working interest and a 73% net revenue interest in the new producer.

The Kubas 11-13TFH, located approximately five miles northeast of the Froehlich well, was tested on 13 September 2010 flowing at a daily rate of 1,780 barrels of oil and 1,035mcf of gas, or 1,953boe per day from the Three Forks formation, and the 24-hour test was gauged on a 46/64-inch choke with a flowing casing pressure of 520 psi.

The Kubas well was fracture stimulated in a total of 29 stages, 21 stages using sliding sleeve technology and the remaining eight stages using the ‘plug and perf’ method, and the company holds a working interest of 90% and a net revenue interest of 73%.

Both the Kubas and Froehlich wells were drilled on the southeast portion of the Lewis & Clark Prospect in Stark County and they are located approximately 32 miles southeast of Whiting’s Federal 32-4TFH discovery well, which flowed 1,970boe per day from the Three Forks formation on 25 November 2009.

A third well on the Lewis & Clark prospect, the Ellison Creek 11-1TFH, was drilled approximately three miles east of the Federal 32-4TFH, and the company plans to release the results of the Ellison Creek 11-1TFH and three other Lewis & Clark wells in mid-November.