What Car?, a car buyer's guide, has questioned the value of superfuels in terms of performance and savings, with a new report suggesting that drivers rethink the use of the premium fuels in their cars.

The magazine claimed that high-octane premium fuels, including BP Ultimate, Shell V-Power, Esso Supreme and Total Excellium, performed little or no better than their cheaper equivalents, in spite of costing around 7% more per liter.

Steve Fowler, editor of What Car?, said: Our tests show that premium fuels are an unnecessary expense with no major fuel economy benefit. Nonetheless, even using the fuel companies’ own figures, you’re unlikely to travel 7% further on a tank of fuel for a 7% increase in your fuel bill.

Unless the prices of these superfuels come down, there are far easier and cheaper ways of reducing your fuel consumption and your car’s emissions, he continued.

The report suggested that consumers can save fuel by changing their driving style, anticipating the road ahead and sticking to the speed limit.