Westinghouse Electric Company, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, and the State Nuclear Power and Technology Corp (SNPTC) of China have completed the design, manufacture and qualification of the lead AP1000 Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP).

Qualification of the RCP was performed by Curtiss-Wright at its Flow Control business segment’s Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD) facility in Cheswick, Pennsylvania.

Westinghouse said the conclusion of qualification testing of the AP1000 RCP, including 50 service cycles and about 500 total operating hours, allows for installation of the RCPs at Sanmen unit 1 in China.

The delivery of the first two RCPs for Sanmen 1 is expected to take place in the second quarter of this year.

Westinghouse chief operating officer Ric Perez said the RCPs will now help support many years of safe and reliable operation of AP1000 plants to produce the much needed electricity and jobs to sustain and grow economies, not only in China, but in the US and elsewhere in the world,"

"Helping to build infrastructure and promote energy development in the countries in which we do business while also creating jobs and infrastructure in the U.S. is our standard approach to international business," Perez said.

Curtiss-Wright will build 16 RCPs for the first two AP1000 plants in China at its expanded EMD facility in Cheswick.

Additional AP1000 plants are anticipated over the next decade in the US and across the globe.