They will be funded largely by Horizon Power with a $4.9m injection from the Commonwealth’s Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP). The projects will include 2,250 solar panels, with a total of 500kW solar photovoltaic tracking arrays, and will each operate in conjunction with diesel power stations.

The two stations are expected to incorporate the latest in renewable technology and provide service to the Pilbara towns, replacing 30-year-old systems.

Peter Collier, minister of energy, training and workforce development, Government of Western Australia, said: “These projects continue the Liberal National Government’s commitment to delivering a cleaner energy future for WA. Together, the renewable energy systems are expected to save 405,000 litres of diesel each year and reduce greenhouse emissions by 1,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

“They are capable of generating enough electricity to power almost 200 homes. These projects will provide clear benefits for regional communities in WA, including more secure and cleaner energy supplies.”