The company selected eMeter to provide the smart grid technologies that will engage its customers and give them daily access into their electricity use and its costs, eMeter said. With eMeter’s Energy Engage, customers can receive this information via the web, emails or text alerts making it easy for them to adjust their energy use and focus on energy conservation.

Additionally, the new technology is expected to allow Westar Energy to connect renewable energy sources into the grid and prepare the grid for future energy needs.

Bill Moore, president and CEO of Westar Energy, said: “Westar Energy is eager to work with an experienced and successful smart grid leader like eMeter to get it right. Westar strongly believes that our customers should come first. For this reason, we are installing the smart grid software platform before meter deployment to deliver a reliable and scalable system that immediately provides customers with accurate information on their energy use.”

eMeter said that its EnergyIP software platform will enable Westar Energy to integrate operations and manage the electrical grid by detecting outages, power loss and reducing peak demand as well as provide detailed monthly bills to its customers. eMeter’s EnergyIP is the centerpiece of its Smart Grid Management Software Suite.