The 500kW biogas plant will be owned and operated by vegetable producer Gilfresh Produce.

Starting July, Gilfresh Produce will feed the bioreactor with the waste and the vegetable washing water to produce clean energy.

The plant will also feature an underground pre-storage tank before the two 2,625-m³ stainless-steel digesters to maintain an optimum stock level.

In addition, a 6,000-m³ tank is planned at the plant for gas-tight digestate storage.

The biogas plant will also be capable of processing grass and maize silage, besides vegetable waste, cattle manure, chicken litter as well as whole crop.

More than 40% of the power generated at the biogas plant will be used to power Gilfresh Produce’s production process.

Weltec Biopower UK sales manager Kevin Monson said: "For WELTEC, this is the third plant in Northern Ireland and thus the 11th in the UK."

Weltec will install its MULTIMix system for continuous utilization and homogenization of the substrates. Working in
combination with an 80-m³ solid matter dosing feeder, MULTIMix mixes vegetable waste and long-fibre silage. The pre-processing of the substances ensures biological decomposition and gas yield.

Image: Gilfresh Produce will feed the bioreactor with vegetable waste and washing water to produce clean energy. Photo: courtesy of Weltec Biopower.