Wavegen, Scottish subsidiary of Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, and RWE npower, a RWE Innogy GmBH subsidiary, have received permission from the Scottish government for Siadar wave energy project on the Scottish island of Lewis. The scheme will harness power from the Atlantic waves in Siadar Bay to generate up to 4 megawatts of electricity. The energy produced each year could supply the average annual electricity needs of around 1,500 homes in the Western Isles.

This wave project would be one of the first projects to operate under the Scottish government’s proposed multiple Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) scheme, the revenue support system to promote the development of marine energy generation.

RWE npower Managing Director Paul Cowling, said: “Scotland has immense potential in marine energy and the opportunity to be a world leader in marine renewables. This consent is an important milestone in the development of wave power technology and is to be celebrated. However, commercial demonstration projects such as Siadar still face significant economic challenges.”

Wavegen Chief Executive Officer Matthew Seed, said: “Wavegen is delighted that the Scottish Government has consented the Siadar Wave Energy Project, validating the pioneering work Wavegen and npower renewables have put into the project development. The SWEP will be a major step in the development of the wave energy industry in Scotland and worldwide. Wavegen’s proven technology will now be employed at full commercial scale, paving the way for real cost efficiencies which will bring the cost of wave energy closer to that of more established technologies.”