Vertical Circuits Inc. (Vertical Circuits) has appointed Bill Watkins and David Savage to the board of directors. Watkins is the former chief executive officer (CEO) and a former board member of Seagate Technology (Seagate). Savage is the president and chief operating officer (COO) of Ultra Clean Technology (Ultra Clean). Before being CEO, Watkins was Seagate’s president and COO, a position he held since 2000.

Watkins joined Seagate in 1996 with company’s merger with Conner Peripherals, where he had established Conner Disk Division in 1990.

“I have been following the progress of Vertical Circuits’ 3D device stacking and interconnect technology for some time and am delighted to join their Board,” stated Watkins. “The company is well positioned for significant growth resulting from the significant demand for high capacity storage solutions in portable electronics, mobiles phones, and the rapidly emerging SSD market.”

Savage has more than 20 years of executive experience driving the operational excellence and profitable growth in international, high technology companies by leveraging and improving core competencies and expanding market the presence. Before joining Ultra Clean, Savage was CEO of Litel Instruments, Inc.

Savage stated, “It is a pleasure to be part of the Vertical Circuits’ Board of Directors. The company is growing well and is making excellent progress in the consumer space. I believe they are uniquely positioned in the market with their 3D interconnect technology. I look forward to being a part of that success.”

“Bill Watkins and David Savage are outstanding additions to our Board of Directors. I am grateful that both Bill and David have agreed to share their time and expertise with Vertical Circuits Inc. The wealth of knowledge and industry experience they bring will help us achieve our goal of a new, low cost 3D interconnect platform,” stated Sunil Kaul, Vertical Circuits’ president and CEO.

Vertical Circuits is a US based supplier of die level vertical interconnect packaging technology to manufacture semiconductor components.