The hybrid vehicle features HyPower Hybrid technology, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system that operates the truck’s aerial lift without running the engine using hybrid (battery) power, thereby saving fuel, reducing emissions and eliminating noise in residential areas.

Based on 250 working days a year, the HyPower Hybrid system that can operate the aerial lift for up to six hours in this mode will enable the truck to reduce fuel by up to six gallons each work day, offsetting 11 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The rechargeable batteries used by the system uses off-peak electricity to provide power for aerial boom operation, cabin heating, air conditioning, and worksite lighting to shorten long stretches of engine run time and utilizes its stored electric energy to replace fuel consumption when idling.

The plug-in hybrid electric from Terex is the latest addition to Veridian’s fleet of fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles that the company started building in 2007 and has since then grown to 16 hybrid vehicles.

Veridian president and CEO Michael Angemeer said that the addition of the hybrid bucket truck to Veridian’s expanding green fleet further demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and having environmentally responsible business practices.