Using exclusive, innovative technology, the Helius backpack optimizes the power of light using a single small solar panel. Furthermore, it is a fashionable and practical product, according to V-Dimension, and the technology that powers it remains inconspicuous.

We’re so excited to introduce the Helius to the world, says V-Dimension President Erez Margalit. The technology involved is unparalleled and we refuse to sacrifice style, so the final package is a modern, attractive, functional backpack that anyone would love.

V-Dimension said that, as it offers more efficient technology than that of its competitors, the Helius bag is able to achieve the same charging power with less silicon solar area on the bag. Competitors need three solar panels attached together to achieve the same charging power that the V-Dimension’s one solar panel provides.

The backpack, which comes with a $149.95 price tag, can be purchased online and from various US retailers.