Vale Canada has begun work on its estimated-$2b Clean AER Project in Ontario, Canada, the project is a major environmental investment in the region.

With the objective of reducing sulphur dioxide emissions at Vale’s smelter in Sudbury by 70% from the current levels, the AER in the Clean AER project expands to Atmospheric Emissions Reduction. Dust and metals emissions reduction by a further 35 to 40% is also part of the agenda.

Vale Canada COO and Vale Director of North Atlantic Base Metals operations John Pollesel said it was a historic day for the company that underscores the importance of Greater Sudbury in the company’s global operations.

A complete retrofit of Vale’s smelter converter aisle is part of the construction for the project. Also part of the project are – a new secondary baghouse and wet gas cleaning plant, a second Acid Plant, and new material handling facilities that better prevents dust from entering the community.

Smelter operations will continue unabated while the construction on the project goes on.
On completion of the project, Vale will reduce its sulphur emissions to 45k tons per annum.