US-based UOP, a Honeywell company, has introduced a new, advanced membrane element called Separex Flux+ to increase natural gas processing capacity.

The new technology is expected to benefit producers by reducing costs and increasing revenues.

The Separex Flux+ will remove the acid gas and water from the natural gas better than the membrane elements in the existing Separex membrane systems.

UOP Gas Processing and Hydrogen business unit vice president and general manager Rebecca Liebert said the company is developing new technologies to help producers maximize out at minimal cost.

"UOP’s new Separex Flux+ membrane element increases gas processing capacity over existing technology, translating to increased revenue and reduced operating costs for natural gas producers," Liebert added.

In addition to the increased processing capacity, the new membrane element will also remove more carbon dioxide per unit membrane area and help debottleneck the downstream processing units, thereby lowering operating costs.

The units can be installed on-shore or off-shore and require little to no utilities and provide for very short start-up times and high turndown capabilities.