National Grid has reportedly set out an authoritative scenario for achieving the UK’s target to meet 15% of energy demand from renewable sources by 2020. The company has also set out initiatives for the industry’s commercial frameworks to help renewables connect quickly.

In welcoming both the British government’s Renewable Energy Strategy and energy regulator Ofgem’s Transmission Access Review, National Grid said the 2020 renewables target can be met, but only if the planning and regulatory frameworks are changed to help the growth of renewables.

National Grid’s scenario suggests that renewables could meet 35% of the UK’s electricity demand in 2020, with connected offshore and onshore wind power making up 29GW of supply, nuclear and coal providing 30%, gas providing 35%, along with dramatically improved energy efficiency and demand management.

Nick Winser, National Grid’s executive director for transmission, said: To reach this target we will need more than one-third of electricity to come from renewables. It is a massive undertaking, and one which will require major investment in the transmission network, along with the reforms set out in the Planning Bill and a new offshore regulatory framework.

National Grid has already signed agreements to connect 16GW of renewable generation throughout the UK, but over 75% of this total is stuck in the planning system awaiting planning approval.