Energy and Climate Change Minister of State Gregory Barker addressed a Deep Geothermal Symposium on 15 October 2012 to enumerate the agreement’s focus on the development of geothermal energy.

"The attractions of this technology are clear – a form of electricity which has little visual, noise or air quality impact, and as a result meets little to no opposition to local development – unlike almost every other form of renewable generation," said Barker.

According to the IEA, the 2050 Technology Roadmap has the potential to produce 1,400TWh of geothermal electricity a year and comprise 3.5% of global electricity production.

Prospective international partnerships, such as the agreement with Iceland, also have the potential to considerably develop the geothermal energy sector, said IEA.

Barker further revealed plants to set up infrastructure to harness both deep geothermal heat and geothermal power.

The DECC has begun implementing strategies to reduce carbon heat and bring down emissions by 80% as part of the Carbon Plan with the geothermal energy playing a vital role.