OPA is implementing the Synthesis platform on GPSS to meet its stock accounting requirements.

The agency is responsible for the management of all the aspects of the facilities’ operation and maintenance and ensures that UK’s military and commercial requirements for aviation fuel are met.

OPA selected Synthesis platform due to its ability of resilience and reliability, integration with new automation systems, consolidation of business processes across multiple sites, and network-wide inventory management and reporting.

The agency has partnered with Costain and started upgrading technologies and practices across its operations, to improve performance, reduce cost and further build sustainability and resilience.

Oil and Pipelines Agency chief executive Charles Price said the GPSS network is a complex system of about 2,000km of pipeline and over 40 related storage and pumping facilities that in turn are connected to several other private pipeline networks.

"The system is strategically critical to both military and commercial aviation, so the technology we are selecting to manage and monitor day-to-day operations on the network must meet the highest standards of quality, power, flexibility and ease-of-use," Price added.