The process of generating low carbon electricity will be achieved by reforming of natural gas to produce a hydrogen and carbon monoxide based syngas: followed by a shift reaction to produce a hydrogen and carbon dioxide based stream: separation of the hydrogen from the carbon dioxide; and combustion of the hydrogen (mixed with a suitable diluent) in new gas turbines as part of a new integrated reformer combined cycle (IRCC) power plant on the Peterhead site. The residual carbon dioxide will be then be exported via an existing pipeline for enhanced oil recovery in the BP Operated Miller Oil Field.The Scope of Works for this Contract shall consist of the detailed design and engineering; procurement of all materials and equipment; and full responsibility of all construction activities necessary to erect, complete, test and commission and handover of an integrated low-carbon Power and Process facility.

Specifications and further information can be obtained from, and tenders or requests to participate must be submitted in English by 26/1/2007 to:

BP Alternative Energy International Ltd,

Building B,

Chertsey Road,

Contact: DF1 Project,

Attn: David Guthrie,

Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 7LN.


Tel. 0118 913 5453.