The British government is seeking information on the benefits of hosting onshore wind farms to gauge the accuracy of subsidies to be provided from April 2014.

"Onshore wind has an important role to play in a diverse energy mix that is secure, low carbon and affordable. We know that two-thirds of people support the growth of onshore wind. But far too often, host communities have seen the wind farms but not the windfall," said Davey.

As part of the ongoing consultations, the government will gather and evaluate data on role of wind farms in delivering wider environmental and social benefits to communities; methods to increase local business participation in the economic supply chain for wind projects and rewards for communities hosting wind farms.

"This new call for evidence will look at ways to reward host communities and ensure that wider investment, employment and social benefits are felt locally.

"We must also ensure that our policies are based on the best available evidence, so that consumers are not over-subsidising any one technology. That’s why we are seeking new evidence on the cost of onshore wind," added Davey.