UES is making it even easier for our customers to conserve energy and reduce their monthly electric bills, said Philip Dion, Vice President of Environmental and Legal Services for UES and its parent company, UniSource Energy Corporation. By using CFL bulbs, our customers can save money while they help save the environment.

According to the US Department of Energy, although the CFLs cost is more than the incandescent bulbs, they generate energy savings worth up to $30 per bulb over their lifetime.

The company’s ENERGY STAR Lighting Program makes CFLs even more cost-effective by deceasing their price to $0.99 per bulb.

Under this program, the company has paid manufacturers to provide discounts that are passed along through numerous local retailers. No coupons are necessary, and customers can purchase up to 10 discounted bulbs per store visit. The program is funded by UES customers through a monthly surcharge approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The company estimates that if all 15,000 bulbs available in 2009 through the program are sold and installed, they will save over 675,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy over the course of a year.