The Aswan high dam and the Hoover dam have been voted among the top ten construction achievements of the century by readers of construction magazines worldwide.

The ‘top ten’ list is published in The top 10 achievements of the 20th century, published by the KHL Group.

In the book, each project is discussed in a dedicated chapter. The Aswan dam is said by author Murray Pollok to have given control over the river Nile and provided Egypt with 90% of its water needs and has met half of its power needs.

The Hoover dam, built in the US in the depression era of the 1930s, is described as both an engineering and human achievement by author Tim Whiteman.

The other top ten projects which were acknowledged (in descending order) are: Channel Tunnel, UK/France; Golden Gate bridge, US; interstate highway system, US; Empire State Building, New York; Panama Canal; Sydney Opera House, Australia; World Trade Centre, New York; and Chek Lap Kok airport, Hong Kong.