Turning Earth has signed an agreement with Danish company Solum Group to deploy Solum's Aikan High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Technology in the company's Triple Play organics recycling facilities in North America.

The licensing and joint development agreement enables Turning Earth to hold exclusive rights to the Aikan technology in North America.

Turning Earth will work with Aikan North America, a Solum subsidiary, to develop Triple Play organics recycling facilities.

The companies will work together to design, construct, operate and maintain the facilities that recycle organic waste to produce renewable baseload energy, compost and sustainable agriculture.

Turning Earth president Andrew Kessler said Aikan’s two-phase, two-stage batch process for dry AD and in-vessel composting provides elegant, flexible and integrated solution to convert organic waste into high quality biogas and compost.

Turning Earth is an integrated organics recycling company engaged in producing renewable energy, compost and sustainable local agriculture from organic waste.