The project developed by UK on-site generation specialist, Wind Direct, will be built on Greenvale’s Floods Ferry site in Cambridgeshire and will have an estimated total capacity 1.5MW. The green energy it produces is expected to meet the average annual electricity needs of 1,000 homes, or around one in seven of the homes in nearby town of March.*

Matthew Clayton , managing director of Triodos Renewables says: "We are delighted to be working with Greenvale and to be building on their commitment to renewable energy. The sustainable ethos of Greenvale has made our collaboration on this project a very positive experience."

"This is a great start to 2014 for our shareholders, building on a record breaking 2013 for both Triodos Renewables and UK renewables industry. Last year the UK’s fleet of renewable projects generated 14.8% of the nation’s power. With this project, Triodos Renewables’ generating capacity has increased to 60MW."

When the new turbine is operational, Triodos Renewables’ total generation capacity will provide enough clean energy for the average electricity needs of more than 40,000 homes – or eight households for each of its 5,000 shareholders.

Building work on the 110 metre turbine will commence at the end of April with completion due by the end of 2014. Once commissioned, the turbine will be capable of generating up to 60% of the electricity needed to power Greenvale’s potato packing facility and reduce the company’s reliance on fossil fuels.