TransCanada operated natural gas pipeline has been exploded and caught fire in the Manitoba province, Canada, on 25 January, 2013.

The explosion resulted in shutting off gas supplies for around 4,000 residents and dropping of temperatures to -20°C, reports

TransCanada was quoted by the publication, as saying that the fire was extinguished, more than 12 hours after it started and it halted the natural gas supply to various municipalities in order to repair the line.

According to the national energy board, the area has been evacuated as a precaution and no injuries were reported from the incident.

Niverville deputy mayor John Funk said the service is expected to be lost for minimum of 24 hours to multiple days.

"Manitoba Hydro is asking residents to turn down thermostats and minimize use of electric heaters," Funk added.

TransCanada had fixed 125 sags and dents in the southern leg of the pipeline, as of November 2013, according to the report of Public Citizen.