Alange Energy said that the Topoyaco-2 exploration well in the in the Putumayo Basin has encountered reservoir quality sandstones with hydrocarbon shows in several zones in Colombia.

The well found the hydrocarbon shows during the drilling of the Upper Villeta N sands with a mud weight of 9.9 lbs/gallon, with initial log interpretations indicating potential oil pay.

The Topoyaco-2 well, spudded on 8 August 2010, is being drilled to explore the prospectivity of the Villeta and Caballos Formations in the block.

As of 3 October 2010, the Villeta Formation is being drilled at a depth of 8,040ft measured depth (MD), with a 7-inch hole and the shoe for the 8 5/8" casing was set at 7,118ft MD in the lower Rumiyaco formation.

The top of the Villeta Formation was encountered at 7,354ft MD, 6,075 true vertical depth (TVD), 92ft shallower than anticipated.

Observations based on the gamma ray log indicate 87ft TVD of sandstones, and 29ft TVD of carbonate intervals, which have shown oil stains, light yellow and bluish fluorescence, as well as a rapid mud cut.

This observation together with the mud gas chromatography, indicates the presence of light/medium oil.

The company plans to drill a 7-inch hole down to a total depth of 8,510ft MD, 100ft of it still in the Villeta Formation, 270ft MD of the Caballos Formation and 100ft MD into the Motema Formation (basement).

The sections yet to be drilled in the U and T sands of the Villeta Formation, which are producers in nearby fields, as well as the Caballos Formation, are believed by the company to be of high prospectivity.