Toho accurately keep track of any change in the environment for procuring energy, and strive for LNG procurement diversification, including diversification of the price-index, supply sources and types of contracts to ensure a stable energy supply to customers at a competitive price.

For the first time, the company will apply the natural gas linked price (US Henry Hub linked price) to the price index of LNG purchased from the Project in our long-term LNG contract.

Toho will make further efforts to diversify the price index. Meanwhile, the company believes that procuring LNG from the US, in addition to the current five supplier countries (Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Qatar and Russia), will help improve LNG supply stability.

In this project, Sempra Energy in the US plans to construct LNG liquefaction facilities in Cameron, Louisiana, US (overall capacity, 12 million tons per annum; 4 million tons x 3 trains) at the Cameron LNG Terminal – currently owned and operated by Cameron LNG, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy – to liquefy US natural gas, including shale gas, and export as LNG.

In accordance with the agreement, the firm will annually purchase approximately 300,000 tons of LNG from the Seller for 20 years from the start of production under this project.